The Wonderful World of LITTLE ME


The Wonderful World of LITTLE ME is an interactive playground where something interesting happens every day. On the map of the Wonderful World there are the most unusual and magical places where exciting competitions for children are constantly held.

In the Fairytale Forest there are stories written by young authors, in the Tower of Bright Colors you can see paintings by promising artists, in the Secret Laboratory everyone shares their craft and inventions, and Photoburg is a perfect place for photographers.

Interesting challenges will help children to unlock their creative potential. Exciting prizes promote positivity. By the way, more than 400 prizes have already found their winners, and it means that now there are more children smiling in the world. Let’s make even more kids smile – together! Invite your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, and their friends to have fun in the Wonderful World of LITTLE ME.

Please note that the deadline for current competitions is October 31, 2020!

Step into a wonderful world!