ESTELLER and WHITETOUCH powders – now with EPLEX!


ESTELLER and WHITETOUCH bleaching powders have moved to a new level. EPLEX Hair Protection Complex complemented the product formulas and made bleaching even more safe and comfortable. A stylist doesn’t have to worry now about additional hair protection and add different toppings into the powders. The ESTELLER and WHITETOUCH products have everything you need.   

How does EPLEX work? The molecule of EPLEX-elastomer has highly resilient properties and penetrates into the hair, filling the ruptured areas of keratin protofibrils. As a result, the hair is effectively protected against dehydration and damages and remains dense, smooth and perfectly manageable after the treatment.

Now it’s easier for a stylist to make customers’ dreams come true! Comfort during bleaching, reliable hair structure protection and excellent results – that’s what bleaching with EPLEX is.