Imagine that you can take a piece of the sun for yourself. Tame glints of sunshine. Give real light. Did you picture it?

Now you can do it.

GLINTS OF SUNSHINE is an innovative hair highlighting system. An ultra mild, effective and gentle lightening technology. An instant and bewitching way to create natural glints of sunshine on your hair.

The highlighting system gives the freedom of creativity and self-expression: it is suitable for any techniques and makes it possible to adjust the degree of lightening. Creating attractive highlights, the system ensures the integrity of the structure and the natural density of the hair.
How does the GLINTS OF SUNSHINE System work? Two products are quickly mixed. Then the mix is easily applied to the hair by using a sprayer. One, maximum two moves with a hair straightener along the strands – and you’re done. Your hair looks like sun-kissed!

Top benefits:
• Natural glints of sunshine on the strands and accentuating ends of the hair
• Easy lightening by 3–4 shades
• For all known techniques
• Fast application
• Complete control over the process
• Instant effect
• Unconditional delight

Sunshine braided into the hair. Enchanting light that is always with you. Live glints of sunshine as a source of inspiration, positive and internal energy.
It’s time to shine!