ESTEL MYSTERIA is a care program that will help you take care of your hair all through the day. From the moment you wake up until… until you wake up again.

The ESTEL MYSTERIA care program includes:

  • The salon treatment that provides hair density, smoothness, silky feel, volume, and shine, and protects hair from negative environmental factors. Recommended for daytime.
  • The home care prolongs the effect of the treatment, deeply repairs hair at night and provides a relaxing skin care. Recommended for application in the evening, at night or in the morning.

Aligning themselves with natural biorhythms, ESTEL MYSTERIA formulas are extremely useful and unveil the full potential of your beauty producing a magic effect. They give you a boost of energy in the morning, help you attain perfection during the day and relax in the evening, and trigger ultimate repair at night.

The high effectiveness of ESTEL MYSTERIA is ensured by the innovative Smart Style microemulsions complex enriched with natural orchid and violet extracts. The magical and captivating MYSTERIA fragrance, that each product of the care program has, fully immerses you into the SPA moment.

Is it science? Or magic? It is all combined together.