Wide shade range. Even more colors, nuances and reflects. Special optics of a professional look captured in shades.

VINTAGE hair color redefines gray hair: having lost its pigment, the hair does not lose its value. Regaining the original color or trying a new shade is an opportunity to experience new emotions and enhance your individuality.

The VINTAGE palette includes:

  • The all-new ESTEL color range: 9/78, 8/78.
  • Spectacular blonde shades: 10/75, 9/61, 9/56, 9/35.
  • Enchanting ash and ash pearl tones: 8/18, 7/18, 3/18, 9/1, 7/11.
  • +32 new colors.

The VINTAGE formula combines a cationic complex, biopolymer matrix and Reverse Osmosis technology to achieve the best color and superior quality of the hair. A happy union of effective technology and caring ingredients makes the hair resistant, provides saturated and even color, as well as protection, strength, softness, smoothness and luxurious gloss.

All 88 shades of VINTAGE aim to show that VINTAGE hair is soft and passionate, bright and mysterious, spectacular and luxurious. Just the way you need it. Just the way you want it. Just for you. 

  • 88 shades in the range
  • 32 brand new colors
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Perfect pigment distribution
  • For all gray hair types
  • Long-lasting, deep, and rich color
  • For all coloring techniques
  • Dense texture, comfortable to apply
  • Light fragrance
  • Hair and scalp protection
  • Hair repair
  • Bright iridescent gloss