Bold. Bright. Incredible. Pigments with direct action create the most incredible hair color in the whole wide world. Are you ready to become a new Instagram celeb?

Pigment with Direct Action XTRO

The new generation of XTRO is represented by 12 pigments with direct action + 1 transparent corrector to create powdery shades.

XTRO Black provides incredible color resistance. XTRO White is easily removed with bleaching powder, so you can change the color whenever you like.

There is no need to mix the pigments with activator or revelator, but they can be mixed with each other or with a transparent base to create unique shades. The formula, free of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, is rich in beneficial fruit acids, which make colored hair supple and glossy.

XTRO benefits:

  • Incredible color resistance or quick changes of color – the choice is yours
  • Variable intensity of shade: from extra bright to pastel
  • Possibility of mixing pigments with one another
  • Effective distribution on the hair
  • Gentle formula
Volume: 60 ml
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