Molodo Zeleno

Hair photosynthesis is an express treatment based on natural chlorophyll.

Molodo Zeleno shampoo and filler instantly enriches the hair structure with precious components, providing organic rejuvenation to your hair, energizing it, reviving its natural beauty and protecting it from the damage caused by adverse environmental factors.

In just a few minutes your hair will become more dense, smooth, glossy and revitalized.

The treatment’s effectiveness is guaranteed by the formulae featuring natural ingredients:

  • Chlorophyll: provides an antioxidant effect, stimulates the production of rejuvenating enzymes, provides a detoxifying effect, revitalizes, gives a feeling of freshness, enriches the scalp with oxygen.
  • Aloe vera: moisturizes, vitaminizes, normalizes gland function, stimulates hair follicles and hair growth.

Cold-pressed crambe oil: nourishes, moisturizes, repairs, protects from negative environmental factors, smooths, promotes hair discipline.

Article: MZ/N
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